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Friday, September 17, 2010

Reported Pertussis Cases on the Rise: What Parents Need to Know

Back to school time has begun all across the nation, meaning that children will soon be in the ideal environment for spreading disease. Being in such close quarters around other kid’s has them sharing more than just toys. In some cases, kids share lunches, the same drinks, or even the things that another kid puts in their mouth.

There are sets of standard state vaccination requirements that must be met before enrolling children in school or day care. Parents can check the resources below for Arizona's back to school information about the vaccines required for child care and school attendance for the 2010-2011 school year. Despite these protective and proactive state requirements, cases of pertussis have been on the rise.

Many Americans don’t realize the most important role that immunization plays in our society because of the fact it’s so successful. Parents often rationalize not getting their child vaccinated, or delaying the vaccine, simply because of a lack in recent outbreaks. But, the notions that a lack of outbreaks is a direct result of more parents getting their children vaccinated, is a concept that is often neglected. Many people, even educated ones, are not only placing their children at risk, but the entire community they live in.