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Monday, November 15, 2010

Speaking Up!

Skeptically Speaking is a show that interviews researchers, authors and experts to help listeners understand the evidence, arguments and science behind what’s in the news and on the shelves. A little bit of skepticism goes a long way.

With humour, enthusiasm and a lot of curiosity, Skeptically Speaking guides you through the fascinating world of science and critical thinking.

Note: The term “skepticism” may be new to you. If that’s the case, click here. Or read my post on science & skepticism

Take a listen to my opening interview on the "Speaking Up" portion of the show, where I discuss my blog and critical thinking from a Native American perspective.

Then explore the science of race, with Guy P. Harrison, author of Race and Reality: What Everyone Should Know about Our Biological Diversity. Taking on questions such as,

Is there any real biological basis to race?

And how does it compare with our cultural understanding?

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